Emerging issues for the family office
From taxation complexity to understanding cyberthreats, what are today’s top five concerns for family offices?
Family offices come in all shapes and sizes and the differences from one to another can be vast. It’s been said that if you’ve seen one family office, you’ve truly seen just one family office. From single-generation members focused on mutual goals to a multigenerational family with complex interests and diverging investment and philanthropic objectives, variations of the family office construct are endless.

State and local gross receipts taxes a new trend in state tax law
Recent activity among state and local gross receipts taxes may signify that a historic approach to taxation is ready to be a new trend.
As states continue to face the uncertain impact of federal tax reform on their budgets, a possible downturn in the economy, and several years of lackluster state and local tax collections, many state legislatures have been considering new (or bringing back old) methods of revenue generation. In addition to rolling back spending, increasing tax rates, and broadening sales tax bases, one trend that may be developing is state and local gross receipts taxes. Gross receipts taxes are generally levied on a company’s gross receipts instead of its net income and are imposed with a low tax rate on a broad tax base with fewer exemptions and deductions than an income tax.


State and local gross receipts taxes a new trend in state tax law


Source: RSM US LLP
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