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Are a dip in rates and an uptick in tax proposals a call to action?
Favorable estate planning rules in place to 2026 would be less so in 2021 under some Democrats’ proposals. The applicable federal rates used for intra-family loans, sales to defective trusts and other planning techniques also decreased a bit. Time to consider the what ifs?

Tax implications of hard forks and airdrops
Not all digital assets are received through an exchange; airdrops and hard forks create another layer of complexity for taxpayers. These new elements trigger a key question that every taxpayer who engages with the blockchain and digital asset marketplace should want answered.

10 mistakes business owners make when thinking about whether to exit
Alleviate the stress of your business sale or transition by addressing 10 key missteps many business owners make.

Health savings accounts: A tax-free way to pay for medical expenses
Health savings accounts are a valuable tool for saving money for medical expenses since they offer a triple tax benefit. These personal accounts also offer opportunities for individuals to accumulate funds for their retirement years.


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