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Tax reform is likely to curtail some credits and incentives
Businesses should understand how they may be affected by the elimination of some credits and incentives and the expansion of others.

Canadian Revenue Agency issues statement on US partnership taxation
CRA representatives shed light on Canadian compliance issues related to US LLPs and LLLPs, specifically mentioning Florida and Delaware.

Exorcise your ghost assets: Stop paying unnecessary property tax
Fully-depreciated fixed assets can haunt your property taxes for years. Identify and fully dispense ghost assets to avoid excess taxation.

Nebraska sales tax leaves contractors with questions
Construction contractors must be well-versed on the state’s classifications options to avoid over or under payment of sales and use tax.

Tax consequences of mergers and acquisitions
Tax planning is vital in an acquisition. Learn six federal, state and international M&A tax considerations that may shape your transaction.

The long-term care insurance decision – a very complex one indeed
Individuals who would like to explore how to cover the cost of long-term care can set the agenda for a productive discussion with an agent.

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Source: RSM US LLP
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