Nancy Catarisano, Managing Partner of Insero & Co. CPAs, LLP, has been named one of Accounting Today’s 2019 Managing Partner Elite. The publication described Catarisano, who has served as Insero’s Managing Partner since 2011, as being “ahead of the revolution” and featured her photo on the cover of the print edition of the magazine.

“We started a strategic planning process in 2012,” said Catarisano. “It is an ongoing process, consistently working to keep the leadership group all on the same page with the firm’s priorities. The world is changing faster than ever before and the successful accounting firms are focused on the future. Our plan is very simple, we believe that our clients and our community need to be center stage. Strategically, we know that our focus needs to be on our people, ensuring they have the technical skills for the changing accounting landscape and the leadership skills to implement the changes. I believe evolution is led by the partners and revolution is led by the team members and our industry is going through revolution.”

Nancy Catarisano, Managing Partner

“We are dedicated to using innovation and new technology to complete our work more efficiently. This enables us to spend less time blocking and tackling and more time providing value added advice to help our clients.  We assembled a team of the brightest and most forward-thinking team members and asked them to lead our innovation committee focusing on new initiatives using technology.  There are no members of management on this team and we provided them with the autonomy and power to think outside the box, be creative, and dream big.”

“When I assumed the managing partner role, I chose to focus on our core value: ‘Passionate about People’. Our focus on people was the key, and our growth and client service metrics improved as a by-product of that. Yes, we have rolled out new programs and benefits, but ultimately the most important thing we did was listen to what our people had to say.  The initial year we submitted the application for Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work For, we did it not to be recognized, but rather to get a baseline and see what honest feedback our people were afraid to share live with us. When we received the results, we scheduled a team meeting and talked about what they had to say, we listened, we were educated, and we made changes.  The result has been a much better firm for everyone.”

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