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Using eligibility rules to control plan enrollment

Plan sponsors have more flexibility than they may realize when it comes to setting eligibility rules for 401(k) plan participants. Even though ERISA sets many rules for eligibility, plan sponsors have leeway to meet the demands of the employment market. This article offers some thoughts for plan sponsors to consider when determining plan enrollment.

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Too many investment options may increase litigation risk

Giving plan participants a wide range of investment options is a good thing — but only to a point. That’s one of multiple allegations in recent class action lawsuits filed against several prominent universities. This article reviews recent litigation, and offers a cautionary note for plan sponsors who offer a high number of investment options.

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Where’s Waldo?
Locating missing plan participants

It’s not uncommon for previously active employed plan participants to fall off the radar screen. They include retirees and former employees that move away without informing the plan administrator. Before anyone realizes it, they become “lost” participants. This article sets out the steps to take when dealing with these participants.

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IRS permits high-earner Roth IRA rollover opportunity

As highly compensated employee (HCE) 401(k) plan participants approach retirement, a potentially useful tax-efficient IRA rollover technique may be a valuable savings tool. This brief article reviews IRS rules about how HCEs can allocate both pretax and after-tax employee contribution 401(k) assets between standard and Roth IRAs.

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Compliance alert

This feature lists a few key tax reporting deadlines for December and January.

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