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Is your retirement plan successful?

Which criteria tell the real story
Do retirement plans do the job of preparing participants for retirement? And how do employers benchmark their plan’s performance? This article takes a closer look at what criteria to use when benchmarking a plan’s performance, and ways to communicate with participants and keep them on track toward retirement. A short sidebar summarizes a recent report on participants’ retirement readiness.

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Plan documents: Be proactive to defuse possible landmines

Sometimes overseeing a retirement plan might feel like navigating a minefield. With proper precautions, however, plan sponsors can get through safely. Case in point: Making sure plans operate consistently with their plan documents. This article discusses ERISA requirements and various applicable documents that can be considered plan documents.

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Stem plan leakage by upgrading your 401(k) loan rules and practices

“Plan leakage” refers to participants allowing their account balances to shrink, because of either loans or hardship withdrawals. Plan loans don’t always result in permanent leakage when they’re repaid, but they still can have adverse long-term consequences for participants. This article reviews how plan loans cause leakage, why plans allow loans, and how employers can help plug the leaks.

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Using targeted education to narrow the gender gap in retirement savings

In employment settings in which women save less for retirement than men, an aggressive educational program can help to narrow the gap. This short article highlights a recent study from the Center for Retirement Research that looked at an initiative in Wisconsin to close a retirement saving gender gap among state employees.

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Compliance alert

This feature lists a few key tax reporting deadlines for June and July.

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