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DOL fiduciary rule rocks plan investment advice landscape

When the final version of the U.S. Department of Labor’s fiduciary standards rule for advisors to retirement plans was issued in April, the wait for the long-anticipated regulatory package was over. With the benefit of the intervening months, the implications for plan sponsors have become clearer. This article highlights what plan sponsors need to know about the new rule. A sidebar looks at what constitutes investment “advice.”

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Perception isn’t reality
EBRI study reviews retirement preparedness

The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2016 “Retirement Confidence Survey” provides helpful insights on employee behavior and benchmarking data for plan sponsors striving to help their employees attain retirement readiness. When it comes to retirement preparation, the study indicates that confidence often doesn’t correlate to the underlying facts. This article highlights the challenge for many plan sponsors for closing the perception/reality gap.

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Advise DB plan participants carefully on lump sum window opportunities

There are sound reasons why defined benefit plan sponsors may offer participants lump sum payout windows. Principal among them: lowering the plan’s financial exposure, thereby providing greater long-term financial security to participants who elect to stay in the plan. However, the consequences of accepting a lump sum payout can be good or bad for participants. This article looks at the pros and cons of these windows.

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Discriminatory plans that meet statutory requirements

The IRS issued a warning to plan sponsors whose plan designs satisfy numeric antidiscrimination tests, yet still have the effect of steering a disproportionate amount of benefits to highly compensated employees. This short article summarizes the IRS’s message: Simply satisfying numeric tests doesn’t guarantee that you’re complying with antidiscrimination regulations.

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Compliance alert

This feature lists a few key tax reporting deadlines for September.

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